TikTok Wellness: Liquid Chlorophyll

Were you also on Chlorophyll TikTok last year? Curious about those weird green drops people were putting in water? This post will cover everything you need to know about Chlorophyll and its benefits so that you can join in on one of the latest trends in health and wellness. 

What is Chlorophyll?

Maybe you remember from high school biology that chlorophyll is an important part in the photosynthesis process for plants. It is actually what gives them their vibrant green color. It plays a vital role in keeping plants healthy and growing. Its unique properties offer some benefits to humans as well. 

However, those green drops you can use aren’t chlorophyll. Chlorophyll isn’t water soluble which means it is not easily absorbed into the body (if you can’t absorb it, you can’t reap its benefits). They are actually chlorophyllin, which is a semi-synthetic mixture derived from chlorophyll that is water soluble and able to be absorbed (yay!).

What are the benefits of chlorophyll?

  1. Improves the quality and production of red blood cells
  2. Natural detoxifier
  3. Natural deodorant
  4. Normalizing effect on intestinal tract 
  5. Incredible antioxidant properties (20 times better than blackberries!)
  6. Energy Booster 

How to incorporate it in your diet?

Our favorite way to include chlorophyll in our diet is through chlorophyll water. Whether you purchase a premade bottle or make it yourself at home with liquid chlorophyll, this is an easy way to get its amazing benefits. Most say it has a mildly earthy, slightly minty taste when alone in water. Try it today!