Why Drink Cold-Pressed Juice?

Surely you’ve heard the hype surrounding cold-pressed juice which has been on a steady rise  for years. You can find it in practically every town in America in grocery stores, small juice bars, and upscale restaurants. But, what makes this decades-old health craze so revolutionary? Why are loads of people turning to juice to serve dietary needs? 

The Process 

Cold-pressing is a well-known process which functions to extract the full liquid content of any given ingredient. It is the best way to ensure you are getting every last drop from that bunch of kale or handful of oranges. What makes cold-pressing different from your classic at-home juicer is the escape of heat in the juicing process. Heat can denature precious enzymes from the fresh ingredients and consequently drain vital nutrients. Thus, cold pressing creates a juice which retains almost all of the great nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, the ingredients have to offer.

Benefits of Cold-Pressed

You may be thinking, “Why should I drink juice when I can just eat the fruits and vegetables instead?” The consumption of juice offers a method of intake in which your body is able to absorb various vital nutrients without exerting the energy required to digest and process the large amounts of fiber in those ingredients. This means you get that wonderful kick of energy instantaneously when drinking nutrient dense cold-pressed juices. Juices also offer a way to add nutrients to your diet that you may be lacking in a quick and effective on-the-go solution. 

Why Us?

With juice bars and cold pressed juice popping up on seemingly every corner, it may be hard to choose what to buy and where to go. At Juice Budz, we are led by strong community values and appreciate the benefits of being a small business in Los Angeles. We make our juices in our own kitchen in Northridge with a team that both feels like (and often is) family. We believe in wellness from the inside out and starting your journey of wellness through committing to yourself and your health. We are building a wellness community that values hard work and commitment, and recognizes the power of making small changes (like swapping a juice for a soda) to start a life of physical and mental wellness. Come in to one of our stores or order online to begin that journey today.